æther – directory


Into the world of the æther, from a 3rd dimensional view.

All low poly shorts made in Blender 3D Software


black mountain

The giant snake slithering upon the mountain, devours the mice climbing the mountain...

Animation made in After Effects



The endless land of crosses littered on a barren land

Made using parallaxing method with layers made in photoshop



Æther film chapters, guardians whom reside within gate

Shot with Carl Zeiss Jena R-Biotar lens.


Æther Audio

Æther audio collection, the echo of the æther in waves of sound.

All æther audio recorded with a simple tascam, mixed and edited in Logic Pro X and Audacity


Red Hall

The red collection of the æther- bond between demon and angel expressed in crimson paint

All paintings created on A4 office paper with wall paint and minimal brushes


White Hall

White series surrounding the guardians of portals in the æther. The watchers, rulers and hunters in the void expressed in black

All paintings created on A3 pure white paper with wall paint and minimal brushes


æther logs

A collection of pages exploring the eternal bond of the boundary and the sphere of the æther

This collection of looping gifs was created with After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, using dithering methods